Farrier hammer

The first farrier hammer I ever used to nail a shoe on was a 10oz Diamond nailing on hammer.

My first visit to Hereford School of Farriery, everybody in the group – 16S -was given a full set of tools from the WCF (Worshipful Company of Farriers) and I’m pretty sure this is where my first hammer came from. I think we were the last group to get this handout from the WCF but it’s something I’ll always remember and yes, pretty generous I think you’d have to agree.

Farrier hammer

The Diamond farrier hammer is an affordable and robust hammer and they don’t seem to have changed at all over the years.

I tried a few different hammers over the years from various manufacturers but I bet if I picked up the Diamond hammer again, it would feel very comfortable and familiar!

We now stock the Diamond 10oz farrier hammer at farrier-shop.com

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