Ben Benson – Farrier Focus

Ben Benson Based in Oxfordshire, UK, in the centre of a thriving equine area, Ben Benson has an established farriery business catering for many professional riders. An Approved Training Farrier, Ben was instrumental in the Forge at the London 2012 Olympics alongside Jim Blurton AWCF and acted as NTO (National Technical Official) for the Paralympics …

Hoof silicones

Further to my post last week about the MV2 bi-density hoof pads and sillicone, here's some a slideshow showing how to use the system to apply different hardnesses of silicone to different parts of the foot for therapeutic uses. MV2 bi-density hoof pads and silicone

Professional Farrier magazine

I really enjoyed reading some of the articles in this new magazine today. Particularly the Ada Gates piece, the Meader Supply article and keratoma case study. More farrier magazines being available online would be great! Read Professional Farrier online

Seedy toe case study

Originally printed in hoofbeats magazine in Australia, this seedy toe case was successfully treated by improving the hoof balance, corrective shoeing and some useful gear in the particular farriers toolbox. Click on the image above to read the full article or click the link here The article is reproduced courtesy of hoofbeats magazine and this …

Foal extensions

The Babi-Cuff foal extensions are versatile and effective. Available in four sizes and sold in pairs. Photos courtesy of Cornell Farrier Program Ibex Babi-cuff foal extensions are available worldwide

Sheared heels

Q: I am riding a 16-year-old mare and my farrier says she has sheared heels and needs bar shoes. Please tell me more about this condition, and what the shoes will do to improve it. Mandy, Auckland A: Mandy, sheared heels are reasonably common but in extreme cases can cause the horse a lot of …

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