Hoofjack – There’s No Going Back

Hoofjack – a guest post by Gavin Welsh

Necessity has always been a great motivator. The development of the electric light bulb, mobile phones, GPS satellite technology have been driven by the desire to create something that is better than that which went before it.
So ask yourself the question, where would you be without any of the above?
Yep, you could possibly cope without your device, WiFi, TV, sat nav, Spotify, and the occasional lifesaving surgery etc, and so the list goes on. But why would you?

Hoofjack hoof stand

Now I don’t wish to promote a humble hoof trimming tool to stand shoulder to shoulder with the world changing inventions previously mentioned, however, the same question still applies.

‘Where would you be without one?’

Here are three great reasons why you need a Hoofjack.

1. It’s an awesome tool to make the job easier on the body!
Rusty old bits of reinforcement steel, the inside of washing machines, or “my mate’s husband makes them” are all interesting versions of what is ultimately a stand to place a hoof on, in order to trim it.
The clever folk at Equine Innovations have taken a hoof stand, and incorporated everything you could ever wish for. Creating a sleek, lightweight, yet incredibly robust multi-function tool that once you’ve used one, you’ll never want anything less superior. It’s called a Hoof jack.

The Hoofjack undoubtedly makes the hoof trimming and shoeing job easier on your body – helping to reduce pain and letting you focus on the all important job at hand.

Available in purple, green, pink and red, and a wide range of sizes to meet your specific requirements, the Hoofjack’s functionality is second to none.

Two strong magnets conveniently placed in the working zone allows tools to be kept out of the mud and available when you need them, where you need them, without overstretching.

Two strong magnets

The highly versatile centre post is made with super-strong lightweight aluminium, and is easily adjusted by hand, placing the hoof in the optimum position for both you, and your horse.

It comes complete with the easily interchangeable post, and the all important sling attachment.

With a ‘no stone unturned’ design methodology, the standard hoof stand attachment comes with a tough rubber knob, providing maximum comfort for the horse, and preventing unnecessary damage to your rasp, should your equine companion be having one of those slightly ‘un-cooperative days.’

Designed for use throughout the horseshoeing, trimming, or hoof management processes, the sling attachment takes this tool to a whole new level. For use with both front and hind feet, the Hoofjack sling provides a comfortable and stable platform for the limb to be supported on.
All too often it is an adjustment, movement or sometimes discomfort of the horse that stimulates it to fidget or snatch its leg back. The Hoofjack sling allows the horse to settle deeply into the soft webbing material, allowing for a more pleasurable experience for all involved.

2. Necessity or Economics?
Be it geography or finances; whatever the reason, should you find yourself without access to a competent farrier, trimmer, or you’re simply keen to learn, the best advice would be to give yourself the very best chance from the outset.

Farrier work is tough and arduous at the best of times, and you’ll need to make sure that you’re not struggling wherever possible. The Hoofjack soaks up much of that hard graft for you.

With farrier prices continuing to creep, you don’t have to be an accountant to realise that your initial outlay on the right tools and equipment will soon prove not to be a cost, but in fact, an investment.

3. Not just for trimming!
Umpteen inventors over many years have joined the race to design a replacement system for equestrian sport horseshoe studs. So far, nobody has found a viable, cost-effective alternative. There have been some really interesting designs, but all have had a significant chink in the armour somewhere, losing the newly converted disciples back to the traditional tapped out/screwed in traditional method. It works!

But mention studding to any self-respecting rider, or groom for that matter, and you’ll see hatred seer through their eyes. Everyone hates studding, it makes your back ache worse than childbirth….(so they tell me), and they’re fiddly and easy to lose in the grass. If only you had a magnet or two to stick them to! So while the boffins do their thing in the dimly-lit garden sheds of who-knows-where, inventing the ‘next big studding system’ (preferably one that works please); why not give your lower lumbar a rest and make a hard job easy?

As quick as you can net your hair and pop on some lipstick in preparation for your moment of glory, you (or more likely your valued plus one support member) can have those feet up, picked out, and studded for victory in a jiffy!

So easy to use, even your Granny can use it

Hoofjack is a lightweight, robust vital addition to your equestrian equipment, but don’t take my word for it, give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. They are available in Australia from www.farriershop.com.au/hoofjack/

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