Pro Grip Studs

We recently launched our Pro Grip Studs website. There are a number of studs, accessories and tools in the range. The 3/8" studs are premium quality and have a unique self clearing system to make it easier to fit. We supply Pro Grip Studs worldwide and welcome dealer enquiries Pro Grip Studs

Sheared heels

Q: I am riding a 16-year-old mare and my farrier says she has sheared heels and needs bar shoes. Please tell me more about this condition, and what the shoes will do to improve it. Mandy, Auckland A: Mandy, sheared heels are reasonably common but in extreme cases can cause the horse a lot of …


I'm really stoked to have been appointed the New Zealand distributor for the NAF range of horse care products. We're going to initially import a handful of the most popular products in the range and build up over the coming years At the moment, I'd be keen to hear from anybody who has used any …

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