Gas forges

Gas forge family: Like any good family, the Whisper family members each display their own individual personalities and strengths while also sharing many similarities. From small to large forges, shoeing, knife making, and art making forges, who would you hire to do the job?   Personality profiles: Whisper Momma (mother) Protective: Her solid insulated door keeps …

Pro Grip Studs

We recently launched our Pro Grip Studs website. There are a number of studs, accessories and tools in the range. The 3/8" studs are premium quality and have a unique self clearing system to make it easier to fit. We supply Pro Grip Studs worldwide and welcome dealer enquiries Pro Grip Studs

Brittania Leek and District Farrier Comp results

BRITANNIA, LEEK AND DISTRICT AGRICULTURAL SHOW SHOEMAKING COMPETITION SATURDAY 27th JULY 2013 RESULTS There was a very good turnout of competitors, who came from across the country. A big well done to all of them for competing in such extreme heat. The shoemaking is a big attraction for the general public visiting Leek Show, who where …

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