Another reason why hot shoeing is better

There’s regular discussion about the pros and cons of hot shoeing over cold.

One of the things I enjoyed about hot shoeing was the smell.

After a busy day shoeing, my clothes had that distinctive pong, particularly if I’d been working in a stable or in a closed environment. Less airflow really helped the odour linger.

Sometimes for a bit of fun and to break the daily grind, I’d go into the bank to pay the cheques in and stand at the counter with a straight face. Then slowly but surely, would always see the bank teller recognise that there’s an unusual smell. The changing facial expression would suggest the teller, within the space of a few seconds, was going from:

  • what’s that smell?
  • I recognise that smell
  • It’s burning
  • Something is on fire!
  • Panic
  • Stay calm, it’s probably me just imagining it

At some stage, the teller would ask, “can you smell that burning?”

Of course, I’d stay straight faced, lean over the counter, give a sniff and nod my head with a worried expression. But never admit the truth.

It’s the little things in life that keep us amused.

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