Hoof hoovering hound

Horse and Hound have an article online about dogs hoovering up hoof and the dangers it poses

Your dog may love the hoof parings discarded when your horse is shod — but vets are warning that large chunks could be potentially fatal.

Owners are warned to clean up quickly after the farrier visits — before their dog does.

Fourteen-year-old Mutley had more than a foot of small intestine removed last month after swallowing four nails along with a substantial amount of hoof.

I think it’d be a shame to discourage dog owners from letting their dogs eat the cut off hoof. I’ve never seen a dog eating horseshoe nails before and any greedy dogs gulping large chunks of anything (hoof or otherwise) are going to have problems of one sort or another!

What’s the world coming to – they’re dogs aren’t they? Being around the farrier and eating up all sorts of unmentionables is what dogs do. And usually love!

Full article is here

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