Farriers travelling less

I’ve spoken to a several farriers recently who are encouraging clients to come in to them to get their horses done.

I see Jeff Crane from White Stone Forge in the US is now doing the same:

It is very hard saying no and it’s hard driving all over the country side. I decided to fix up a place to shoe horses here for those who can haul in. I feel that this added service is one more option folks have if I can’t get to them.

Jeff Crane, White Stone Forge

I don’t know about Jeff but the farriers I’ve spoken to see it as a way to get more horses done, reduce the overheads of travel (particularly time) and be able to maintain their standard of work – having everything they need set up at the shoeing shop but also feeling fresher having not spent all day driving. And as Jeff says, a way to get the horses done that otherwise he might not be able to make it out to.

Looks like a smart more to me


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  1. There are good and bad sides to this. When customers overlap, they get to socialising and bullshitting and annoying me. That, or you get two women who can’t stand each other.

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