Andrew Nicholson (Friday photo)

Kevin Bacon's hoofcare range is endorsed by Andrew Nicholson. For the Friday photo this week, here's an image of Andrew competing at Badminton in 2010 on Avebury. Visit the Kevin Bacon's NZ website for more info about this great range of hoofcare products.

Mango Butter Sunshade

Today was a scorcher here in Christchurch. This stuff is great for horses and people for protection from the sun. Savvy Touch Mango Butter Sunshade is SPF30 and proudly made in New Zealand. Ingredients include calendular oil, active manuka honey and mango butter naturally. It applies to the skin beautifully and the pump bottle makes …

Hoof abscess question

Question: I have a 20-year-old TB gelding who, after having unbalanced, cracked hooves, has come a long way with corrective trimming from an experienced and reputable farrier. While his hooves have improved dramatically in a year, he still has slightly flat feet and his hoof wall, I am told, is quite thin. The problem is …

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