Happy Birthday to all the Horses

You know that saying  “There’s something about the outside of a horse that’s good for the inside of a man”… I recently had a tumble off my horse, after getting my spur stuck on an electric fence, yeah dumb, I know!  He zoomed, I felt like a cartoon character and the next thing you know, I was lying flat on my back, waking up from a little snooze.  Hospital with bruised kidney and head injury.

Today a whole week from the little bleep in my fabulous riding career (sarcastic note in voice), I was feeding out and just stopped to listen to said horse “Vin” chomp his hay.   He muzzled it around, lazily with his eyes half closed and I thought… this… right now, must be one of my most favourite sounds.

And now I realise that concussion, mothers brain and hangovers are all very similar. You start a story and go off in a complete and utter tangent.


Happy Birthday to all the pretty little horses

– Desiree

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  1. Love this story. I was just visiting to see if you had a blog, because it looked like the sort of business that should. Pleased I did. I used to live in a house backing on to a dairy farm. One day the farmer offered me a cowhide and I thought, cool, I can learn how to do tanning and started carrying it home. I couldn’t believe how heavy a wet hide was and thought I’d just rest it on the fence on the way home. Yep, the fence was on and I had a shocking experience. Then of course I had to take the punishment again when I had recovered enough to pick it up again. Things you learn, like accepting a gift from a client who owns a saddlery and gave me a gelding. I learned a lot including, unless you’re really horsy like my sister in law, its easier and much cheaper to pay for rides:)

    Anyway, love your blog, keep it up:)

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