Steven Beane knives

Steven Beane, multi-world champion farrier has introduced his range of hoof knives under his brand name, Beanie Tools Ltd

Steven Beane


There are a number of options – curved and wide blade knives with a brass topper and loop knife options including small and large loops incorporating the Beanie Flick groover – used as a clench groover. That is, for digging a small groove in the dorsal hoof wall so the nail can clench tightly into the hoof.

Steven, from Yorkshire, England has won the World Champion Blacksmiths competition at Calgary, Canada four times (to date) which is quite an achievement. He lists his influences in the trade as Hugh Dwyer, Glenn Brooke, Gary Darlow, Darrin Bazin, Richard Ellis, Derek Gardner, Andrew Nickals, Andrew Casserly and Spud Allison.

The range of knives is available worldwide including free shipping from

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