Save Edge Rasp

Our best selling hoof rasp is currently the Save Edge rasp

Popular with farriers and trimmers, these 14″ rasps are consistent in quality. Farriers comment that they are sharp and stay sharp longer than most other brands.

Save Edge hoof rasp

On one side, the Save Edge rasp has coarse teeth which is used to remove more of the hoof away with relatively fewer strokes when rasping the foot.

On the flip side, the teeth are finer and this is commonly used to give a smoother finish and remove any rasp marks on the wall after using the coarse side. The smooth side is also used when clenching up (finishing off).

I found the Save Edge rasp to give a better finish on the smooth side than other rasps I’d used, some of which seemed to struggle with removing the rasp marks.

The 14″ rasp comes with a tang on one end to fit a handle – farriers all have their own preference of handle and there’s plenty of different options to fit this rasp.

Sometimes mistakenly called, “Safe Edge rasp”, Save Edge rasps are made in the USA and available in boxes of 6 rasps.

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  1. David … we at SAVE EDGE appreciate your comments and value your business. We are striving to always improve our products and provide the best possible farrier rasps available in the world today. should you ever have feedback that could be helpful, please contact us anytime at Thank you! Randy Stout

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