Does Equine Hoof Shape Have an Effect on Soundness?

Some interesting research into the connection between certain hoof shapes and lameness in this article at

Could it be? A potential predisposing factor for lameness that can be seen with our very eyes? According to one British researcher, this dream could be a reality. A recent study revealed that certain hoof shapes and characteristics can be associated with chronic lameness, while others point to a sound horse.

I’d be interested to read more of the research once it’s made available

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One Response to Does Equine Hoof Shape Have an Effect on Soundness?

  1. onias says:

    As long as the hooves are not of the same shape definitely that will change the way the horse is supposed travel as it will lead to the horse being incapacitated for certain tasks . My advise is if you encounter such problems you have to look for a qualified Farrier to do corrective measures, don’t forget the horseman’s motto “no foot no horse” so extra care has to be done on the horse’s foot. Thank you.

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