Dusky Forge loop knives

New Zealand Farriers Limited is proud to be the NZ distributor for the Dusky Forge loop knife range.

Widely regarded as the leading manufacturer of loop knives by professionals around the world, Dusky Forge have a number of knives in their range for various uses.

What is a loop knife?

Compared to a standard hoof knife with a single blade, loop knives have a blade which is formed in a loop shape. This affords the farrier or trimmer some versatility when paring the hoof.

Many farriers (myself included) use a loop knife on the majority of equines they work on to trim the frog. In my case, I use a Dusky Forge H2 for trimming frogs – one side of the loop for each side of the frog. This makes for simple and easy trimming of frogs


Dusky Forge knives are ideal for everyday use and can help to reduce the reliance on having a left and right handed single blade knife which many barefoot trimmers seem to have.

Both the A range and the V range of knives are suited for more technical work and ideal for vets, farriers and trimmers who need to accurately open up abscesses, resect parts of the dorsal wall and so on. There are various different blade designs for these knives with generally smaller and different shaped loops to allow the user more precise cutting.

Dusky Forge loop knives are made by Fergus Paterson in Oatlands, Tasmania. Fergus has a huge amount of experience with making farrier knives having previously been at Pinehurst with his late business partner, Paul Mitchell (Pinehurst knives). He also has 30 years experience as a farrier.

Dusky Forge loop knives are available with worldwide shipping from our online store.

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