MV2 bi-density hoof pads

MV2 bi-density hoof pads and silicone options. These are quite handy for treating sore horses.

The pads are manufactured with 4 pre-drilled holes with non-return valves.

Select a MV2 silicone to fill via the different valves – choosing different hardness for different parts of the hoof if required.

The heel of the pads are shock absorbing with the toe area designed to assist with performance.

The available silicones for the MV2 system:

  • Ultra Soft (10 shore A) – recommended for highly sensitive soles. Not for V fill pads
  • Enduro (12 shore A) – soft silicone that has four times mechanical resistance to the Ultra Soft. Injected under the pad, the material stays in place and holds its position even under extreme conditions. Ideal for endurance horses and those working on hard or irregular ground
  • Comfort & Shock Absorbing (18 shore A) – as the name suggests, enables a shock absorbing cushion under the pad for optimal load distribution to reduce concussion. Ideal for sore horses
  • Firm Kinesitherapic (25 shore A) – providing kinesitherapic support to the sole to help with under-slung heels and to assist with growth of heel.
  • Hard Kinesitherapic (50 shore A) – extra hardness for use on laminitic equines and remedial cases

MV2 product range and more info

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