Professional Farrier magazine

I really enjoyed reading some of the articles in this new magazine today. Particularly the Ada Gates piece, the Meader Supply article and keratoma case study. More farrier magazines being available online would be great! Read Professional Farrier online

Top Ten reasons why being a farrier (usually) rocks

Top Ten reasons why being a farrier (usually) rocks 10. Working outdoors in the fresh air 9. Meeting interesting people 8. Being your own boss 7. Earning an honest living 6. Daily challenges that need solving 5. Working with horses 4. Always learning something new 3. Working with our hands 2. The appreciation from clients 1. …

Farrier clients – giving them the freedom of choice

There's plenty of advice around about how farriers should look after their clients (the owners that is). Many of the core service business principles apply (or at least, should apply) to farriers and their businesses. After all, farriery is just another service industry albeit with some difference. I guess most farriers could read some books …

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