Farrier seminar, farrier supplies and more

Considering it’s still winter (but almost spring), there’s been a huge amount of stuff going on at our place. Which probably explains why blogging has been a little light for the past couple of weeks.

Our seminar for farriers is being put together and will be held on 27th & 28th August 2012 at our farrier supplies store in Yaldhurst, Christchurch, New Zealand with Alistair Dalziel. There were limited spaces which have already been filled up but we’re juggling some things around and will be able to take a handful more farriers…

We’ve also built another website which will be ready to launch in the next few weeks and run alongside our existing websites including http://www.farrier-shop.com (which is also getting a revamp)

The NAF range of products we’re stocking is growing too. NAF Pro Feet Rock Hard  has been very well received and is being stocked by a number of NZ retailers, we’ve just received our first shipment of NAF Deet Power which is a fly repellent with a kick and there’s about 8-10 other NAF products which will be launched here ready for the spring. Watch this space 🙂

NAF OFF Deet Power

On the NZ farrier supplies front, we’ve got many new types of horseshoes, tools and equipment in stock and some cool stuff on the ship ready for the rapidly approaching new season. We’re proud to stock (probably) the widest range of farrier equipment in New Zealand which is just one of the reasons why we’re the company of choice for a growing number of farriers all over the country. We use the best courier companies available so most (non RD) orders are delivered the next working day.

Our warehouse has also been getting a winter sort out. We’ve invested in some new shelving so farriers who drop in can better see what we’ve got. We’re also extending our warehouse and will have a bargain basement show room – we have a pallet full of second hand farrier tools, shoes and nails which will be sorted out and priced to sell. This should be open in the next few weeks and will be ideal for anybody looking for an exceptional deal in shoes and tools.

We have lots more going on and more in the planning. Some of which is top secret for now!

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  1. All Exciting News looking forward to the seminar and also a new website! will be in to have a look at some bargins on your second hand tools! Keep up the great work!!

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