What does Hankin do all day?

I no longer do any shoeing or trimming. I just do farrier supplies.

Our warehouse and store-room isn’t a conventional shop. We have farriers coming in to collect stuff and to have a look at farrier gear but we don’t have a shop which is staffed all day.

The popular misconception seems to be that I sit with my feet up for most of the day, maybe answering an odd phone call, replying to an email and when needed, rush down to the warehouse to meet somebody for ten minutes or pack orders for farriers in other parts of NZ.

Yes, I’d very much like this lifestyle but it’s not how it is!

~Not~ Hankin 🙂

I no longer rush around Canterbury doing horses admittedly but my days are busier now than they ever were shoeing.

Here’s just some of things I do most days (and often evenings):

  • invoicing, statements, sales receipts on the computer
  • mini-stock takes, ordering stock
  • packing orders up for courier collection
  • unpacking new stock arrivals
  • answering emails and phone calls from horse owners, farriers, vets and saddleries
  • talking to suppliers
  • marketing, emails, updating websites and blogging
  • meeting local farriers at the warehouse

Farriers work incredibly hard. I no longer suffer from farriery related aches and pains but have square eyes from staring at a screen for hours on end 🙂

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