Michael Puhl Pads

The Michael Puhl pads and hoof packing material is getting more popular with farriers here in New Zealand. Particularly at this time of year when the ground is harder and any problems that have been hiding away for the right time to present themselves finally decide the time is now to rear their ugly heads.

Michael Puhl PM flat hoof pad

The recessed frog area in the pad allows for the farrier to fill with PM packing material to provide improved frog contact with the ground. The soft Michael Puhl pads packing material is particularly popular and the feedback I’m getting from farriers is it’s more shock absorbing than just about all other materials that they’ve tried.

Horses struggling on the hard ground at the moment can really benefit from these pads and packing material.

The pads are available in flat (one size), and wedged (small and large)

What’s also handy is the fact that the soft packing material (which is a form of dental impression material) is so easy to mix up and apply – all done by hand without the need for latex gloves, mixing guns or other gear. The material stays in place and remains relatively soft for the duration of the periods in between shoeings.

Michael Puhl flat pads

The Michael Puhl pads are ideal for

  • shock absorbing
  • navicular (and pre-navic) syndrome
  • contracted/collapsed heels
  • heel pain

Available in New Zealand from me at NZ Farriers Limited and shipping worldwide

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