Liberty horseshoe nails

Liberty horseshoe nails

I had a farrier call up last week wanting to buy more Jim Blurton bar shoes. He said the first pair he bought were sat on his fireplace at home and almost looked too beautiful to nail on a horse.

Today, we got the Liberty BH 3.5 nails in stock and I had similar feelings. They look like a work of art and it seems a shame they have to be tainted by nailing into a hoof and then brutally rung off with a hammer!

Made by Kerckhaert, we now have most popular sizes of E head, E slims and BH nails in stock.

I wouldn’t like to guess how much Kerckhaert have invested in the production of these nails but I suspect it’ll be worth it for them in the long run. There’s always room in any market place for exceptional and top quality products and I’d bank on these Liberty horseshoe nails becoming a firm favourite amongst farriers who know what they like.

Liberty horseshoe nails

I like the box too – each pack comes in a plastic box which means there’s less chance of the nails getting ruined when it rains.

Liberty Horseshoe Nails are available from

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