Keeping a close eye on your farrier

Over the years, I’ve had clients who like to take a keen interest in what I’m doing with their horses’ feet. It’s a good approach – keeps them in the know with what we’re trying to do with the shoeing or trimming and means they can ask questions if there’s anything they don’t understand and I get the feedback with what they want.

By talking with other farriers, I know that some don’t appreciate feeling like they’re under a microscope and, I’ve heard, some farriers are made to feel like every stroke of the rasp is possibly going to be queried!

I know as a young apprentice, some of my bosses clients would keep a close eye on me and I could feel their eyes burning in to the back of my head when I was bent over concentrating on what I was doing. Of course, an experienced and confident farrier will have got used to being watched like a hawk and not even notice it after a while – or indeed be able to make light of the situation.

For the clients who like to watch their farrier (or their farrier apprentice) closely, here’s a photo. A word of warning, getting this close to the farrier isn’t advised when he’s working. An accidental nailing-on hammer in the nose can hurt!

Photo courtesy of Antonia Steeg

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