Facebook for farriers

It’s here to stay, for the immediate future at least. Facebook – love it or loathe it.

I must admit, I like a number of other people, tried my hardest to avoid it for a while but am now a regular user and find it vital to feed my habit multiple times a day.

I’ve always been a little surprised with how much personal information people seem keen to divulge to the world on Facebook. It’s probably a good idea to stop and think how a photo, comment or posting is going to be perceived by clients, business contacts or future employers as well as friends and family before posting it for the world to see.

But Facebook can be very useful for farriers wanting to connect to other farriers around the world, to keep up to date with new ideas and techniques, to share stories and so much more.

There’s a growing number of farriers using social media – particularly Facebook and many are happy to become ‘friends’ and share snippets from their daily lives – personal and worklife. Being a farrier means of course that one day can be very different to the next so the sharings from Facebook ‘friends’ can be varied, interesting and often humorous.

In the real world, a self-employed farrier operating on his or her own can sometimes end up not seeing or speaking with other local farriers for months on end depending on their location. The majority of farriers will thrive on the interaction with their peers and so much knowledge and ideas shared. So Facebook can most certainly play a useful part of this connection, sharing of ideas and some healthy discussion but with the added benefit of being instant and far-reaching. With the ability to post photos, videos and comments from smartphones, the potential for advancement to our skills not to mention the benefits to the horse are huge.

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