One handed hoof nippers

These are great for keeping one hand free when trimming difficult horses, foals or geriatric horses who have trouble lifting their limbs too far off the ground.

The spring on the handle of the Cottam one handed hoof nippers makes for easy and smooth cutting. They’re a good quality tool made in the UK, very sharp and durable (providing they’re looked after of course!)

In the past, I’ve found them particularly useful for trimming miniatures – getting down on my knees, holding the foot with one hand and using the spring loaded cutters with the other. The less time spent on my hands and the knees the better and these have been very handy for that.

Take a look at our short video and see for yourself.

Let me know what you think in the comments once you’ve watched the video.

Buy Cottam spring loaded one handed hoof cutters online – we ship these and other hoof products worldwide



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