Jim Blurton – Farrier Focus

Jim Blurton AWCF World Champion Farrier Jim Blurton is head of multi-farrier practise Forden Farriers in addition to successfully manufacturing his own range of tools and specialist shoes. Last year he was Head Farrier at the London 2012 Olympics. A highly respected farrier, businessman and clinician Jim answers our second ‘Farrier Focus’…. Why did you …

Hot Shoeing Photograph

Here's a photo for Friday. I love how the photographer Antonia Steeg has captured the hot scale coming off the shoe as it's being shaped. I'm shaping a Kerckhaert Classic horseshoe with a Jim Blurton turning hammer on an O'Dwyer 40kg anvil.

Jim Blurton barshoes

I recommend the Jim Blurton range of barshoes Egg bar shoes - for navicular and support Heart bar shoes - useful in the treatment of laminitis Straight bar shoes - for stabilising the hoof capsule These barshoes are excellent  - well pitched nail holes, countersunk for stud holes and relatively easy to fit. They're how …

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