Hot Shoeing Photograph

Here's a photo for Friday. I love how the photographer Antonia Steeg has captured the hot scale coming off the shoe as it's being shaped. I'm shaping a Kerckhaert Classic horseshoe with a Jim Blurton turning hammer on an O'Dwyer 40kg anvil.

Phriday Pharrier Photo

Here's a farrier photo from a few years ago. There'll be no farrier photos of farriers, horses or dogs with santa hats on in this blog. I'm using a Horsehead nailing on hammer and March nails Photo courtesy of Antonia Steeg

Blog Post: “What’s causing sand cracks in my horses feet?”

Question: My four-year-old TB has a sand crack in one of her hooves. This crack has been there quite some time and has almost grown to the bottom of the hoof. While the coronet appears healthy and I never noticed any injuries, my main concern is that the hoof is still growing with a split. …

Seedy toe

Often referred to as White Line Disease, seedy toe is a very common condition in horses all over New Zealand but almost unheard of in some parts of the world. In most cases, seedy toe does not cause lameness and can be eliminated effectively with careful management. What it is The white line, which can …

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