Seedy toe case study

Originally printed in hoofbeats magazine in Australia, this seedy toe case was successfully treated by improving the hoof balance, corrective shoeing and some useful gear in the particular farriers toolbox. Click on the image above to read the full article or click the link here The article is reproduced courtesy of hoofbeats magazine and this …

What tools are need to remove a horseshoe?

What tools are need to remove a horseshoe? To remove a horseshoe safely you'll need most importantly, the knowledge and some skill. It's probably best to have a farrier to do any work on the feet but in an emergency, having some tools at hand can be useful: Buffer (also called a clinch/clench cutter). Raises …

Olympic farriers

Here's an interesting read by Claire Brown from Forge & Farrier  about the 2012 Olympic farriers for the GB team in the UK: Olympic Farriers

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